• G O T W A N G ?

    A super simple & effective gaming aid.
    Track scores/wounds and damage on your
    models/units in your tabletop & roll play games...





    Simple, Effective way to Track and Display wounds and damage in game.

    The O' ring fits snugly on the plastic arrow but can be moved with minimal pressure into the next groove.

    Tight enough that it can't accidentally be nudged and your score lost!

    Point it at your models, sit it on top of the models base if it is large enough even, tracking wounds/damage and removing points by rolling down to the last when it’s slain. The WoundWang can follow your hero and point at them adventuring across your tabletop warzone.

    181% funded on Kickstarter,
    100% in 24 hrs!

    See how others have used them in the Instagram/Gallery below.



    of Colours

    What do you favour on your table; bright and conspicuous in orange or a little more subtle in the translucent grey?


    Sit it on the data sheet off table even?!

    The right WANG(s) for the job

    This is what you get in a standard set:
    Smaller wangs count 1,3,5,9.
    The larger Wangs, having both Tens and Units, these are for your Great beasts and Warmachines and count far higher...
    A ruler measuring 1,2,3 and 6 inches.
    A Wangcommander (crown tip and small skull icon) and with space for Command points and turns.
    A score wang for those games that need it (trophy icon). 100+

    Need something different?
    Drop me a line and I'll be happy to quote on a custom set.

  • Nerd Media

    What the nerds out there think of the WOUNDWANG

    Guerrilla Wang

    Widgets and Wonders Ep 138

    The most excellent Ash at GMG reviews the wangs.

    Frosty Wang


    Joseph A. McCullough author of #Frostgrave and all round nice chap has WoundWand for his #wizard at #ukgamesexpo

    Master Forged Wang

    Masters of the forge

    Chatting to the MOFT doods

    Podcasting Wang


    Hear them fondle the Wang and chat gaming.

    The sadly now defunct.

    Beast Wang

    Beasts Of War preview

    A nice little write up of the Kickstarter project.


    Waving wang about on film.

    The original video from the Kickstarter project

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    - OPEN -

    Just The Tip [COMING SOON] 1/4 size
    A small set to try the concept out.
    Coming soon
    WoundWang Battle Set
    The Battle Set in your choice of colour and the O Rings required.

    This new set now Includes:
    1/2/3/6 Movement ruler

    WoundWang Mk3 Phase 2 Battle Set.
    Select an option
    Coming soon
    The Wangs you want (you need nothing but 10's for Bolt Action perhaps or 20'2 or 30's for Frostgrave?) in your choice of colour with customisation if you like.

    mail monkdxiii@gmail.com for a quote.

    "Mr Buckethead My Lord,
    I am interested by a great many of your manifesto points.
    However I am most intrigued by these lasers of yours. How precise are they?
    Coming soon
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    Wizards, Kittens, Giant Robots, Nerd Stuffz...
    Giant Robots Wizard Kittens coming soon